The assets of Gaea Guardian Fund (GGF) will be airdropped to community members who have contributed to the stable development of the GAC in the early stage when the GAC price is relatively stable and the following conditions are met.

1. TVL reaches $5 million.

2. Two issuances in six…

At the beginning of the launch of GaeaCoin and CCN, the Gaea Guardian Fund (GGF) (Wallet Address: 0x298Ce72443958c5090A8AaD5cbC43575e48d0016) was established to ensure the stability of the network. After a week of developing, the entire network is currently in a healthy and steable condition, and that is mission completed for GGF. CCN belongs to every community and every member. The GGF will withdraw from the CCN Boardroom on June 16th and 17th. After that, assets of GGF will be announced for the public to supervise. Then, we will talk to representatives from every community from the world about the treatment plan, and announce it to the public as well.

Yesterday, we have given a suggestion about removing liquidity from the pool. Some people misunderstood the content and removed GASH that were staked in the Gaea Boardroom, which made them not participate in the rebasing at 10 PM, June 8th. We have discussed with communities from globe, and made an airdrop plan. All the airdrops are provided by Gaea Guardian Fund (GGF). The quantity of airdrop is decided by the GASH quantity deposited in the Gaea Boardroom by this wallet address/ the total quantity of GASH deposited in the Gaea Boardroom * quantity of newly issued GAC (393,035.7). The materials need to be collected are: 1. Wallet Address, 2. The deposit record of this wallet by 10 PM, June 8th. Every community member please send materials to within 48 hours so we can verify and prepare to airdrop.

We have detected attacks on the contracts from a group of anonymous hackers, and that forces us to pause the rebasing session of GAC. We have to do this to keep everybody’s assets safe! New rebasing time will be released when we solve this problem, and everyone please keep calm! Once again, we will ensure that everyone’s assets are safe!

GaeaCoin (GAC) is the Forth-Generation stablecoin. In order to keep it stable at 1 US dollar, GaeaCoin DAO has published a Gaea Guardian Fund (GGF). The GAC in the wallet will stay there forever, won’t be used or transacted. The wallet address of GGF is 0x298Ce72443958c5090A8AaD5cbC43575e48d0016. Now it is in public so everyone can check it at any time.

Gaea Coin

GaeaCoin is an algorithm stablecoin that pegged to 1 US dollar. GaeaCoin can be a medium between trading. See more at

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